Carpal tunnel is the most common nerve entrapment within the body.  The wrist bones form an arch and a nerve runs through this arch.  This nerve can get mechanically compressed and cause pain or numbness into the thumb and first two fingers.  Women are three times more likely to get carpal tunnel than men.  Factors that can cause it prolong wrist flexion, or extension, repetitive wrist movements i.e. supermarket checker, prolong use of smart phones or computers, and prolong exposure to vibration or cold.

Early detection and treatment is the key to successfully treating this without surgery.  Here are 5 factors that can influence recovery from carpal tunnel.

1.  Age over 50

2.  Having it longer than 10 years

3.  Constant Hand Numbness that doesn't go away

4.  Inflammation in thumb tendon

5.  Positive Phalen's test in under 30 seconds

If you have two out of those 5 criteria there is a 85% success rate of conservative care with treatments like that which we probide in our office. Three ouf of those 5 there is only a 7% success rate in treating carpal tunnel successfully.  If you have all 5 there is a zero percent chance of conservative care helping your carpal tunnel and you will mostly like need surgery.  You can see why early detection and early treatment gives a much better success rate for carpal tunnel

Check out the enclosed video for some stretches you can do to help carpal tunnel.


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