Are you struggling to get through your day because of nagging pain?

People are frustrated and hopeless as they struggle to live everyday with an injury.

We understand how it affects your ability to do the things you love; hobbies, playing with kids, working, exercising, and all the other things that make life meaningful.  Benton Chiropractic Clinic is the place to go for chiropractic care and rehabilitation for your body so you can feel great again.

Benton Chiropractic Offers Hope, Healing, and Compassion



Chiropractic Care, many times, is seen as the last hope for patients. We have been very successful with patients that have given up on finding help.


We use the most up to date evidence for your care. Gettng you better faster and giving you the tools you need to keep your problem from returning.


When you are hurting you might feel bad. We care about you, and we can put you back on track to feeling better again.

We understand how important it is for you to get back to doing the things you love.

Benton Chiropractic is dedicated to giving you freedom from the pain that's holding you back.

Dr. Benton's focus is on musculoskeletal conditions mostly lower back pain, neck pain, headaches but also working with auto accidents, sports injuries, knee and shoulder pain, and exercise therapy. 

Benton Chiropractic Clinic has been serving the Lampasas area since 1988.  Our team is committed to providing our patients with expert treatment and care. We are wholly dedicated to your complete recovery.

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"I felt an immediate connection with Dr. B initially at first consultation and treatment.

I could not ask for a more knowledgeable and understanding person with whom to share back/spine issues and be so well cared for. Have already spoken his name out in several places to friends and acquaintances alike!"

- Pearl

"Very welcoming and friendly.

Dr. Benton is very personable and makes you feel at ease. Went in for shoulder impingement and after 2 treatments it felt almost 100% better. Definitely recommend."

- Angela

"I had a nasty fall and low back pain at a 6-9 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being intense pain 0 being no pain).

I’ve gone to see Dr. Benton 3 times (3 days in a row) and my pain level is now 2-3.

I am completing all the exercises he recommends daily. I’m so happy I decided to go in. It’s made a world of difference!

- Rhonda

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