Top 5 reasons to choose a chiropractor for back or neck pain.    

1.       Pain

2.       Reduce need for surgery

3.       Cheaper less escalation of care

4.       Fast Results

5.       No dangerous medicines

Cost less in the long run

Bet you didn’t know that neck and lower back pain are the single most expensive condition to treat in the United States.  The Journal of the American Medical Association every 5 years looks at the cost of healthcare.  There latest one was in March of 2020 and found that neck and back pain were the most expensive condition to treat followed by diabetes and then heart disease. Other research has recently shown that if you begin care with pain medication that leads to an escalation of care which you do not see with chiropractic care.  What is this escalation of care?  Well it ends up being more MRI’S , more injections, more surgery, more hospitalizations, opioids etc.




You take less harmful drugs  

When you go to the chiropractor for pain management you are much less likely to be prescribed dangerous and not very effective pain medication such as an opioid.  Anywhere from 20% to 56% of chiropractic patients do not take these medications for pain.  Overall chiropractic is much much safer than taking pain medication.  




Prevents back surgery  

If you see a chiropractor first for a back injury you have a 1.5% chance of having lower back surgery.  If you see a surgeon first for a lower back injury you have a 42.7% chance of surgery.  


Fast Results

Another reason you should choose Benton Chiropractic to treat your back pain is that it provides fast results! One of the main reasons people work with a chiropractor is that other treatments haven’t provided them with the results that they need.

While other doctors can provide you with surgical options and other treatments for chronic back pain, chiropractic adjustments can offer the fastest results.

You can quickly remove lower back pain while strengthening your back muscles to prevent chronic back pain problems from returning.

It Works  

Tons of research show that not only does it work to relieve you of pain, but it also improves your daily activities.  Which means your ability to sit, stand, work, play, and rest and is much better than just taking medication.  Most of medical guidelines have recommended that you begin care with a chiropractor because it works as well as the medications that they give without the side effects.  So, if you know someone who is having back pain share this blog with them or have them call us at 512 556-8223.

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