First a little updated office information this month. We will be closed Thursday afternoon June 9th and all day on the 10th. Every year chiropractors have to sit in 16 hours of approved classes to get their licensed renewed from the State of Texas. I will be doing my 16 hours June 9, 10 and 11th.
We also have rented out a space to a massage therapist, Leslie Key. If you would like to make an appointment with her you may call or text 512-599-2194. She also has a website so check it out.
Probably half of my patients will find this not very useful. But since we are going to be GRANDPARENTS for the first time this August I thought I would share this video we made 2 years ago. The statistics have shown 1/3 of pregnant women will suffer back pain sometime in their pregnancy, if they have had back pain previously they are more likely to have it during pregnancy. The video shows a few stretches that can be done to make a pregnant patient feel better. Also chiropractic care is extremely safe for a pregnant woman. Our daughter goes regularly to see her chiropractor in Fort Worth. I have also treated her and we have a table that a 9 month pregnant mom can lie facedown on. She commented to me, "I need one of these in my home."
If you know someone that is pregnant please share this email with them.
Check it out and share it with a friend. Let us know what you think?
Dr. Craig Benton

Dr. Craig Benton

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