We love implementing technology at Benton Chiropractic Clinic. One device we use is the Arthrostim. Some people don't like the bending, twisting, and popping associated with the chiropractic adjustments, or perhaps they were told that they weren't candidates for chiropractic care.  

The Arthrostim is an amazing technological option for a low force chiropractic adjustment that helps without the use of twisting, bending, or popping. The machine is easy to use, gentle, and has patients raving about feeling less stiff, better movement, and great flexibility afterwards.  

Who can benefit from using the Arthrostim?

Traditional manipulation involves correcting abnormal movement patterns in the joints. Hands on maneuvered called chiropractic adjustments, use a gentle quick force into the affected joint or region of the body.  

However, not everyone is a good fit for the typical hands-on adjustment. Some people cannot sit upright. They can't lay on their side or face down to receive an adjustment yet they still have joint restrictions or loss of mobility. These people need help too. So these restricted joints in the spine, muscle tightness and decreased ranges of motion affect how the body moves.  

Treatment with the Arthrostim device feels like small, quick, painless taps to the affected area or body part. This Athrostim device is easily accessible and helpful for patients who may not be able to physically receive a traditional chiropractic adjustment.  

Other people who may benefit from the Arthrostim.

Include individuals with:  

Fragile bones

Recent traumatic injuries

Blood disorders

Previous surgeries

Other conditions that may complicate receiving a hands on or even be contraindicated to an adjustment.   The Arthrostim system specifically designed to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including those that may not benefit from the hands on approach.  

How Does the Arthrostim Work?  

The Arthrostim is an effective handheld device that creates gentle thrusts. Just as the chiropractic adjustment, the doctor holds the device and puts multiple impulses into the area that's needing treatment. These gentle oscillations help reduce restrictions in the areas and add more motion to the segment or spinal area.  

This creates better movement and function in the affected area, and it helps relieve pain. Although chiropractic adjustments are usually done by hand, a small tool or handheld device like the Arthrostim may be used instead, the device is quick and very precise, safe and controlled.  

Will I Still Hear a Pop?  

An audible pop does not happen with the Arthrostim because physiologically it uses some oscillation instead of a high velocity. This eliminates the gas releasing from the joint and there's no pop or cavitation.  

If you're afraid of the clicks and pops that can occur with a chiropractic adjustment, then the Arthrostim is just what you're looking for.   It's a great alternative for reducing pain and dysfunction while increasing motion to the joint or affected body area. Many patients benefit from the Arthrostim at Benton Chiropractic Clinic. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here for you and we can help you understand what type of treatment is best for you and your needs.  Click on the link below to see an Arthrostim adjustment.

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