New Year, New You?  

Are you thinking about starting a diet or exercising for the New Year? We can only hope and pray that 2021 is a much better year for us than 2020.  So what can you do to start you New Year off healthier.  

First you can not exercises your way to weight loss it must also come from eating less.  Less calories is really the key to weightloss.  Most Americans eat way too many calories with a bunch coming from sugar.  How much do we consume? American adults consume an average of 77 grams of sugar per day, more than 3 times the recommended amount for women. This adds up to around 60 pounds of added sugar annually – that's six, 10-pound bowling balls, folks!  

Where does this majority of sugar come from?  Mostly it comes from sugar in our soft drinks and sports drinks.  Followed by grain desserts, fruit drinks, candy and dairy desserts.  Simple by cutting out or limiting soft drinks you can reduce a significant amount of calories.  This is by far the easiest way to start any diet for the new year.  Substitute water for soft drinks it will fill you up some and is much heathier.  

Here are 10 steps to start your new year healthier  

1.     Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

2.     Limit processed foods

3.     Read food labels

4.     Stop eating refined carbohydrates

5.     Avoid vegetable oils and spreads

6.     Steer clear of added sugar in any form

7.     Limit alcohol consumption

8.     Substitute vegetables in recipes (instant of potatoes, rice, or noodles)

9.     Avoid packaged snack foods

10.  Make water your primary beverage. So there you have some ways to be healthier in 2021. 

Our next blog will be on how to get started to exercise.

Check out this infographic to see how you can eat better.

Click on the pdf below for more basic nutrition information

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