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Hopefully you are all safe following this crazy weather that we just had. Many people will have suffered some pain from a slip and fall on the ice. Good news is that the vast majority of these slips and falls are really just a muscle injury.


What to do at Home


I recommend using ice on injuries. Ice has an antinflammatory effect on tissues and most of these injuries will result in some type of inflammation. Heat might feel good (especially in this weather) but ice should help you heal faster. Use a ziplock bag and fill it with ice cubes, place a wash cloth or towel over your skin and apply ice to the area for 15-20 minutes. You may repeat this every hour.


Also aspirin, Advil (ibuprofen) and Aleve are all good for these types of injuries. Tylenol has been shown recently to not be very helpful in research for hip, knee and back pain.


When to See a Chiropractor

If you slip and fall on the ice, you may have an injury that doesn’t require emergency medical attention but still needs intervention. In these cases, chiropractic may be a good solution for healing. Here is when you should see a chiropractor after slipping on ice.


Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common in adulthood, especially after injuries. If you fall on the ice and experience lower back pain, a chiropractor can work with you to help your back heal from the shock of the fall so you can get back to normal functioning.


Elbow Pain

When you fall, you may put an arm down to catch yourself. This can result in injury to your elbow. If you experience elbow pain, chiropractic can be used to ease your pain and return your arm to full mobility.


Knee Pain

If you fall forward on ice, you may experience knee pain. Like elbow pain, your knee pain may be able to be treated by a chiropractor. Working with a chiropractor can ease the pain from the fall and help you return to full mobility and functionality as you recover from the fall.


Muscle Spasms/Swelling

After a fall, you may injure your muscles, which can result in muscle spasms and/or swelling. These injuries may not require immediate medical attention, but a Chiropractor can help you ease the stress on the muscles and help them recover, which would reduce the spasms and swelling in your muscles.

Dr. Craig Benton

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