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The Deflame Diet
Can our diet be responsible for some of our health conditions? Can diet be a cause of diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure? You bet they can but what can we do about it to really make a difference? I am reading the book the Deflame Diet the author states three small changes can make a big difference in your health.
The Deflame Diet is a book written by a chiropractor Dr. David Seaman. He has lectured all over the world about foods that help and foods that harm. He has been researching diet since about 1989. The book does get a little technical but he has boiled it down to three foods that seem to affect us the most. These foods not only make us gain weight but will cause inflammation within the body. This inflammation can become acute or chronic. Degenerative joint disease in muscle joints, bones and disc is a form of inflammation which is created over time. Also coronary heart disease is a form of inflammation with starts off as a narrowing and stiffening of the artery walls due to chronic inflammation to the vessel walls.
So what has he found to be the three most common inflammatory foods that we eat? Sugar, flour, and trans fats (corn oils etc). Roughly 60% of calories in the average American Diet come from these three foods. Despite tasting good these calories have very little nutritional value and are highly addictive (soft drinks, donuts, cookies, cakes, pies, bread, cereal are some examples). Most of these foods did not exist until modern times.
What are some makers that your body is inflamed?
1.    High blood pressure
2.    Increased waist size
3.    High cholesterol
4.    High blood sugar
5.    High BMI (body mass index)
6.    High waist/hip ratio
7.    Low vitamin D
If you have several of these markers it probably means that you have some inflammation. This then gives you something to work on and measure to try to decrease blood pressure or decrease hip/waist ratio etc. 
Just a quick what is waist/hip ratio? Measure your waist right around your belly button, then measure your hips at the widest area. Then divide waist from hip measurements (W/H). The goal for woman should be 0.8 or lower and for men 0.95 or lower. A higher number the higher you risk poor health and developing serious health conditions.
In a few months I will do another email on what foods to eat to deflame your body. If you interested in learning more about the deflame diet you can check out Dr Seaman’s Youtube videos here: 
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