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So another school year is upon us and we will see kids carrying some heavy backpacks to school. If these backpacks are too heavy or they are using them improperly they may cause a back problem. One Medical Doctor in Dallas states that there are over 7800 emergency room visits each year for backpack related problems.
Here are some tips you can follow for better backpack safety for your child. We also developed a video on this issue a few years ago check out the link below and let us know what you think.
  1. A backpack should not weigh more than 10% of a childs body weight. If it is too heavy it will cause your child to bend forward putting more pressure on the spine.
  2. Choose a backpack with wide padded straps. Nonpadded straps are uncomfortable and can dig into your childs shoulders.
  3. Choose adjustable shoulder straps. The backpack should be fitted to your childs body. A loose or dangling backpack can be uncomfortable and cause pain.
  4. Backpacks should not hang down below the waist. A backpack that is too low increases weight on the shoulders and cause your child to lean forward.
  5. Wear both straps. Lugging a backpack around on one shoulder results in a shift of weight to one side which can lead to neck and lower back muscle spasms.
So these are tips we recommend for your childs backpack for school. We hope you all have a great school year this year.
Dr. Craig Benton

Dr. Craig Benton

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