Susan came in complaining of a flareup of her lower back.  She could not straighten up and didn't sleep the night before.  She was so frustrated because all she did was wash dishes in the kitchen sink.  She had previously gotten over bad back pain just about 6 months ago and thought she was on the mend.  She was worried would she need surgery to stop this or another expensive MRI?

No this is recurrent back pain, and it is very common.  About 60% have a recurrence within a one-year period.  Avoiding triggers that will aggravate the lower back is the key.

The most common trigger is some type of forward bending (such as leaning over a sink or picking something up off the floor).  The video will show you how to avoid these triggers by using what we call the hip hinge.

Check it out and share it with a friend.  Let us know what you think?

Dr. Craig Benton

Dr. Craig Benton

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